Practices and Meets

Relay ready

Relay team at the 2015 Ivy League Championships. On the block: Harry Browne. To the right, Richard Baker, Josh Mandell, and Chris Fragoso


The team holds a combination of traditional swim workouts and calisthenic dry-land practices.  Swim practices are almost always held at the 3rd Floor Practice Pool of Payne Whitney Gymnasium.  The practice schedule (subject to change) is as follows:

Swim Workouts (fall semester): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8:00pm to 9:30pm.

Swim Workouts (spring semester): TBA

Dryland: TBA

Our swim workouts are designed and coached by members of the Yale Women’s Varsity Swimming and Diving Team.  Dry-lands are run by our own Club Swim captain.


The Club usually participates in 5-7 meets per year with a spread of other universities: Penn State, UConn, UMass, and many of the Ivies.  Our meet against the Harvard Swim Club takes place in November as a prelude to The Game, and the Ivy League Championship meet takes place near the end of the spring semester.