Current Officers

leadership sign

Captain: Fran Harris, BR ’18

President: Neil “Art o’ the Deal” Zheng, DC ’19

Vice President: Maddie Hoffmann, CC ’19

Secretary:  Stephanie Cruz-Rincon, TD ’18

Treasurer: Ami Santoyo, TD ’19

Social Chair/Social Media Intern: Brian Kim, SY ’19
Social Chair Emeritus: Chris “Toga-toga” Fragoso, GSAS

Minister of Fashion: Libby Dimenstein, MC ’17

Webmaster: Doron Rose, SM ’17

Alumni Wrangler: Kat Culhane, DC ’15
Assistant AW: Josh Mandell, SM ’16 and Vance Zuo, MC ’16

Puppy Procurers: Elizabeth Hines, MC ’17

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