The Club Swim Team welcomes members from all corners Yale University: Yale College, the graduate school, the School of Management, anywhere where swimming is loved.  We also come from wide variety of swimming experience, some of us having competed in national championships, others having never swam competitively before.  Our accomplished swimmers are drawn to the team because it offers a way to continue their preferred sport without the huge time commitment of joining a varsity team.  Meanwhile, our less experienced members come because they enjoy swimming and because it’s a great way to keep in shape.

Ivies Champs pic

Ivy League Championship meet, 2015 From back left: Ian Peczak, Harry Browne, Chris Fragoso, Mallory Brown, Doron Rose, Alex Herkert, Vance Zuo, Kat Culhane, Elizabeth Hines, Evie Cai, Josh Mandell

That’s why our members join, but they stay because of the friends they make and the great social environment of the team.  The social chairs on the Club Swim Team’s administrative board are devoted to planning parties, organizing mixers with other club sports teams, gathering people for weekly team dinners, and doing whatever they can to keep our social lives thriving.  For example, during the fall 2014 season, we held a “Triathlon” mixer with the Club Running and Club Biking teams, and to enter the party, you had to be dressed as a member of one of the other teams.  What’s in store for this year?  You’ll have to come see for yourself.


Team dues collected from each team member pay for equipment, lifeguards, pool-time, transportation to and from away meets, and our coaches from the Women’s Swim Team. Dues may change year to year, but generally, they are $25 for a semester or $40 for a full year.

Interested in joining?

Contact the Captain or President.  They will sign you up for our email list where you’ll hear about our upcoming practices and events.

Maddie Hoffmann (Captain)

Neil Zheng (President)