Club Swimming Initiation ’17

The Yale Club Swimming Team was founded in 2007 as an informal, less-intense alternative to the Yale varsity swim teams.  Presumably, the administration at the time operated under some kind of “Articles of Aquafederation,” though we cannot say for sure (very few records from that era in the team’s history have survived to the present day). However, as the team grew over the following year and a half, it became apparent that a full, written proposal for the government workings of the team was necessary in order to form a more perfect swim team, establish pool-time, ensure aquatic tranquility, etc. Thus the Yale Club Swimming Constitution* was born.  You can read it in full by clicking the image below:

Close up of the Constitution of the United States of America with quil feather pen

*Don’t be confused by the title.  The constitution itself does not swim, nor is it for the Yale Club.

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